Welcome to Znuny LTS version 6.5.4

Security Vulnerabilities Fixed#

  • Preventing the possibility to inject JavaScript via the CustomerID and execution in the customer user admin module.


  • Updated bundled JavaScript libraries jQuery, jQuery UI, and Moment.js.

  • Added the setting to configure default search for responsible.

  • Changed default value for Frontend::Avatar and using https when connecting gravatar.com.

  • Removal of all permissions during LDAP synchronization if the user is not a member of any group.

Issues Fixed#

  • Snippets in the rich text editor are now shown sorted by name.

  • Remove orphaned mentions after deleting tickets.

  • Fixed the Select All function in the Dynamic Fields Screen module.

  • Fixed the prefilled subject in Activity dialogues to work for customer users too.

  • Prevent using system addresses in phone tickets.

  • Added the missing scrollbar in the popup windows when creating calendar appointments.

Read about all changes in the CHANGES.md. See the commits on GitHub for a list of all changes.