Znuny 6.3.2 is a security and issue-fix release.

Breaking Changes#

These breaking changes are necessary for security reasons. We have included safety precautions during the update, so that these changes are noted and you will not loose changes. See Updating to 6.3.

CMD Usage#

Read more in the developer manual.

We removed the CMD function for web-configured generic agents due to a reported security issue. The functionality remains. It’s just that the configuration of such is now more secure.

The CMD functionality is now used exclusively via a generic agent module. The generic agent then executes this module.

We provide a sample module: Kernel/System/GenericAgent/ to be copied to for activation.

See more under automation with generic agents.


This change counteracts the attack vector because a user now requires SSH access to configure the use of the CMD function.

System Configuration#

Some system configurations can be misused, similar to the above issue. Therefore, and as they are standard settings in most cases, we’ve moved them to the They can be modified if necessary by copying these settings to the

  • MIME-Viewer###*

  • SendmailModule::CMD

Removed Options#

The following options are removed.

  • DashboardBackend###0420-CmdOutput

  • PostMaster::PreFilterModule###4-CMD

  • PostMaster::PreFilterModule###5-SpamAssassin

  • PostMaster::PreFilterModule###6-SpamAssassin

  • Kernel::System::PostMaster::Filter::CMD


These enhancements have been made to the software in this patch level:

Repository List Extended#

With this version we’ve improved the system configuration for repositories.

The system configuration option: Package::RepositoryList now accepts next to Name and URL, AuthHeaderKey and AuthHeaderValue for added security and authenticatin against add-on repositories if required.

System Configuration Image

Console Command Usage#

Package installation via has changed from using the package url to using the package name.

[zunny@znuny-local ~]$ bin/ Admin::Package::RepositoryList


| 13) Name:        Znuny-QuickClose
|    Version:     6.3.1
|    Vendor:      Znuny GmbH
|    URL:
|    License:     GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, November 2007
|    Description: Enables quick close in ticket action menu.
|    Install:     Znuny Open Source Add-ons:9571

[zunny@znuny-local ~]$ bin/ Admin::Package::Install "Znuny Open Source Add-ons:9571"
Installing package...
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/Kernel/Config/Files/XML/ZnunyQuickClose.xml (660)!
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/Kernel/Language/ (660)!
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/Kernel/Language/ (660)!
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/Kernel/Modules/ (660)!
Notice: Create Directory /opt/otrs/scripts/test/ZnunyQuickClose!
Notice: Create Directory /opt/otrs/scripts/test/ZnunyQuickClose/var!
Notice: Create Directory /opt/otrs/scripts/test/ZnunyQuickClose/var/packagesetup!
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/scripts/test/ZnunyQuickClose/var/packagesetup/ZnunyQuickClose.t (660)!
Notice: Create Directory /opt/otrs/var/packagesetup!
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/var/packagesetup/ (660)!
Notice: Create Directory /opt/otrs/doc/en!
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/doc/en/Znuny-QuickClose_en.pdf (660)!
Notice: Create Directory /opt/otrs/doc/de!
Notice: Install /opt/otrs/doc/de/Znuny-QuickClose_de.pdf (660)!



For legacy support, you can still use the URL.

[otrs@znuny-local ~]$ bin/ Admin::Package::Install
Installing package...