Answering Communications#

Answer Externally#

Select a template from Reply or Reply all in the article menu of an email communication.

Agent Ticket Compose


This is the redirect target for Resend Message

The standard behavior of a reply is to reply to the previous sender.

The “To:” field may, in some cases, not automatically populate. Some examples are there is no MX record for a domain, or a system mail address was the sender.

The “To:” field would be empty in any of the above cases.

Two system configurations are important here:


This setting is active by default and ensures that the customer user is written to the CC when replying if the article is visible to the customer and the customer user is not in the To field.


This setting is inactive by default. It always replaces the “To:” with the current customer user’s email address.


These settings are global and only apply to known/set customer users. Ticket::Frontend::ComposeReplaceSenderAddress setting can lead to misdirected communications.

Answer Internally#

Select Choosing Reply to Note in the article menu of an internal or external note. This redirects you to the * Create a Note screen.

You may also record telephone calls to a ticket. Per default, the Phone Call Inbound and Phone Call Outbound are under Communication in the ticket menu.

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