Dynamic Field Screens#

New in version 6.1: This feature is available as a public add-on for Znuny LTS 6.0

Dynamic Field screens is a GUI to assign Dynamic Fields to specific views. With the embedded import/export functions, it makes staging between different environments much easier.

This module can be found in the admin area:


After you select it, an overview is shown with a list of available:

  • Views

  • Overviews

  • Dashboards


There are two ways to assign Dynamic Fields to views:

  • By View / Overview

  • By Field

Select / De-Select elements#

If you select a field you get a list of available views and three additional columns:

  • Disabled

  • Active

  • Active and required

This includes overviews, dashboard widgets and regular views.

You can assign a field to one or multiple views:

  1. Select one or more views and tick the checkbox

  2. Click “Assign selected elements to this list” on the matching column

  3. Save


  1. Use drag and drop and move one view to the desired colmun

  2. Save


Import / Export#

The import / export feature is available on the left menu, in the overview of Dynamic Fields.


You can select on or multiple fields + their currently assigned views for the export.

As a result you get a YAML file as download, which then can be imported on other instances.