New Features#

Appointment Filtering#

We’ve added the ability to filter appointments in the calendar overview.

Calendar Filter GIF

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OAuth2 For Invoker#

OAuth2 Tokens are not only available for use by the mail account management, but now for the invoker. After setting up a token, it can now be selected in the transport settings as an authentication method.

OAuth2 GIF

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New Events#

Until now, no one notices when a transmission error occurs and the ticket is closed. With the new events it is possible to create GenericAgent jobs that listens for the transmission error events and tickets can be re-opened automatically upon error.

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Mentions Blacklist#

It’s now possible to limit the mentions by excluding groups. Use the Mentions###BlockedGroups setting.

Mentions Limiting#

As groups can be used to mention users, and groups can be quite large, it’s now possible to limit the number of agents who will be mentioned. Use the Mentions###Limit setting.

Bugs Fixed#

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