View Ticket Details#

Agent Ticket Zoom

When you click on a ticket number from an overview screen or a link in an email notification, you’ll land here.

Communications Table#

In each ticket, there is a table showing all articles in the ticket. Articles can be shown individually, or they may all be viewed at once using the cog wheel to change back and forth. Once set, the setting is persistent and applies to all tickets.

View Type Setting Image


Viewing all articles will mark all articles and the ticket as read, which may not be desirable.

If Ticket::Frontend::TicketArticleFilter activated, you may also use the article filter to show only specific article types from specific senders. This may also be made persistent.

Article Filter Text

Information Widgets#

On the right-hand side of each ticket, there is a set of widgets which provide different information.

Ticket Data#

Displays current ticket data including dynamic fields.

Ticket Data Widget Image

Customer User#

Shows information about the customer user and customer.

Customer Data Widget Image


A list of users which are mentioned in this ticket are visible. Users on the mention list can be removed by the owner or responsible of the ticket.

Mention Data Widget Image