Agent Dashboards#


These are the default dashboard widgets for tickets.

Widget image

There is also a set of filters in the header of each widget.

  • Reminder Tickets = All tickets set to reminder

  • Escalated Tickets = All tickets with service times which are escalated

  • New Tickets = All new tickets

  • Open Tickets = All tickets in an open status

  • Last Mentions = Tickets where a the user is mentioned

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New in version 6.4: Last Mentions

Each ticket widget has a system default set of available ticket and dynamic fields columns, and can individually configured from there. Additionally, each can be individually configured by the user. Setting a filter allows you to be more specific in which tickets you would like to see based on the shown columns.

  • My Locked

  • My owned

  • Tickets in my queues

  • All tickets

New in version 6.4: My owned filter.

Optionally, if the features are enabled, you will see.

  • My watched tickets

  • Ticket in my services

Customer Information Center#

All the available ticket widgets mentioned above, with the exception or Last Mentions, are available and independently configurable in the customer information center.

The Customer Information Center gives you access to all customer user data and tickets for an individual customer.

Customer User Information Center Image

A user can create tickets for our customer user directly from this screen and additionally add customer users to the customer via this screen.

Adding a customer user redirects the normal agent to the administration section of the software without having to have administrator access.

When using the add a customer feature the CustomerID will automatically be pre-populated.

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Customer User Information Center#

Like the customer information center, there is a customer user information center, which centers it’s dashboards around tickets filtered to an individual customer user. All dashboards are available here as well, with the exception of adding customer user.