New Features#


  • Added ReadOnly option for CustomerCompany to the for reference.

  • Added System Configuration options to control more settings of CKEditor (Thanks @SectorNord).

  • Added input field for OAuth2 token scope to admin dialog.

  • Added FilterViews for FilterAppointments function.

  • Improved Migration Script for Generic Interface for renamed invoker.

  • Improved usability* AgentTicketBulk* Set DynamicField_NAME. Used checkbox to true if it is set before or if dynamic field is mandatory.

  • Index S/MIME keys now runs during the migration.

Bugs Fixed#

  • Fixed overlapping input list in search dialog.

  • Fixed displayed value for dynamic field type Webservice Text when placeholder <OTRS_TICKET_DynamicField_*_Value> is being used.

  • Fixed sorting of System Configuration entity value types.

  • Fixed SQL condition in Kernel::System::CustomerUser::DB::CustomerSearch.

  • Fixed TransitionValidation CheckValueGet().

  • Fixed Bug in SupportDataCollector plugin for default user.

Read about all changes in the