Configure Mailbox Collection#

  • IMAP



  • POP3

  • POP3S



For systems with high-volume accounts or many mailboxes, we recommend direct delivery.

Search for this module in the administrator panel.

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Adding an Account#

Add an account and enter for the following data:

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The protocol to use for the connection.

Authentication Type

Use user name and password (Password) or authentication token (OAuth2 token).


The login name for the mailbox.

Password *

The password for the account.

OAuth2 token configuration *

Choose the correct authentication token for the user.

IMAP Folder *

If using one of the IMAP protocols, you may choose the folder to be collected.


Choosing ‘yes’ allows mails to contain X-OTRS headers. X-OTRS headers will allow you to set ticket data without using a postmaster filter and is an advanced option.


Choose to dispatch all mails to a single queue ‘Dispatched by selected Queue.’ or use the recipient to determine the queue ‘Dispatched by To: field’.

Queue *

Choose the queue to receive all mail.


Validity of the account. ‘invalid’ or ‘invalid-temporary’ will not be collected.


Additional information for an administrator.


Items with a * are optional based upon other settings.

Deleting and Fetching Mail#

In the overview screen you can delete an account or manually fetch just one account using the functions in the account list.

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