Personal Settings#

Click on the personal image to access the personal settings menu.

Personal Menu Image


Here is also where you logout.

Settings Groups#

There are three groups of settings to choose from.

User Profile

Personal Menu Image
Google Authenticator

Enter your shared secret to enable two factor authentication. There is a generate function, to ensure a proper code is generated.


An administrator must enable this setting.

Change Avatar

Here you see your Gravatar image and instructions on how to change it.

Change Password

Here you can change your password if a database source is used.

Change Time Zone

Here you set your timezone to show offsets from the system time.

Out of Office

Here you set your next active out of office period.

Notification Settings

Personal Menu Image
My Queue

Select which queues you will work in.

My Services

Select which services you will work on.

Ticket Notifications

Select which ticket notification and method you want to receive.

Appointment Notifications

Select which calendar notification and method you want to receive.

Miscellaneous Settings

Personal Menu Image

Which css design will you use.

Overview Refresh Time

How often should your overview refresh.

Screen After New Ticket

Your next screen after you submit a new ticket.

See also

Look at the full description of Last Views

Last view - limit

How many last views would you like in your list.

Last view - position

Where will you show the list?

Last view - types

Which type of views should show in the history.