• Added console command to import dynamic fields and dynamic field screens configuration.

  • Added information about invalid settings to AgentTicketZoom ‘Ticket Information’.


  • Updated default user mention notifications to include salutation and signature.

  • Improved popup profiles and Frontend::RichText::Settings###Width.

Issues Fixed#

  • Empty HTML bodies now properly displayed.

  • From, To, Cc fields now display correctly. “Test User

  • Line breaks in processes now shown also with richtext disabled.

  • Generic agents events triggers can now be deleted.

  • Fixed email address shown in user’s avatar preferences when editing the preferences of another user (not the own user).

  • Fixed Calendar appointment plugin AppointmentID data type.


  • Added new type ‘HTML’ to AgentTicketZoom TicketMenu. This allows additional HTML elements to be added using ‘Ticket::Frontend::MenuModule###*’.

  • Added SysConfig/ValueType/Entity/

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