Agent Dashboards#

Agent Dashboard#

The first view an agent has is the dashboard. On the dashboard, there are widgets which can be configured individually for each user.

Full Dashboard Image

Widgets can be rearranged by dragging and dropping using the widget title. There are large (left) and small (right) widgets.


Widgets may only be moved top to bottom, not left to right.

Dashboard Focus#

New in version 7.0: Dashboard Focus

Dashboard Buttons Image

It is possible to focus on just one dashboard module, by clicking on one of the dashboard module names at the top.

Widget Settings#

A and appears at the top right-hand side of each widget. The removes the widget, and the takes you to the settings page. Settings are different per module.

You may see some or all of the default modules as configured. Here is a list of the default widgets available and their purpose.

Widgets can be activated or deactivated by opening the settings on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Widget Settings Screen Image

Widget filters#

Each widget has filters to help reduce the content to a relevant scope.

My locked tickets

Tickets I’ve locked to my user

My responsible tickets

Tickets for which I’m responsible

Tickets in My Queues

Tickets in my selected queues

Tickets in My Services

Tickets in my selected services

All tickets

All tickets that match the filter criteria

Large Dashboard Widgets#

Reminder Tickets

A list of tickets that have reached their reminder time

Escalated Tickets

Tickets with a breached SLA

Open Tickets

Tickets that are in an open state

New Tickets

New tickets which have no agent interaction

Running Process Tickets

Process tickets active in the system.

Ticket Queue Overview

A count of all tickets and their states in the system

Events Ticket Calendar

A small calendar showing tickets having a start and end date for an event

Small Dashboard Widgets#

7-Day Stats

A line chart showing the tickets created and closed per day for the last 7 days

Upcoming Events

A list of tickets reaching their reminder time or breaching their SLA soon

Logged-In agents

A list of agents and their session status (active/inactive)


An RSS feed


Shows upcoming events and allows for creating an event from the dashboard

Customer Information Center#

The Customer Information Center gives you access to all customer user data and tickets for an individual customer.

Customer User Information Center Image

A user can create tickets for our customer user directly from this screen and additionally add customer users to the customer via this screen.

Adding a customer user redirects the normal agent to the administration section of the software without having to have administrator access.

When using the add a customer feature the CustomerID will automatically be pre-populated.

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