Managing Entities#

An entity is any reusable item within the system. It has, in most cases, a canonical name, a valid setting, and a comment. Typical entities are (but not limited to):

States Roles Groups Attachments Templates

There are two types of screens when dealing with entities.

The first screen is the entity edit screen which allows you to create or modify an entity and its properties.

Admin Badge User Group Edit

The second screen is an entity relationship management screen allowing you to manage the relationship between two entities. Entities may have a one to end relationship or an end to end relationship or an end to one relationship.

User Group Management

For example, if you create a user group and a user role then you can use the groups roles management screen to set the relationship from groups to roles or roles to groups.

We will not create screenshots for each entity and their management, unless necessary, in each administrator section. Therefore, we will assume that this concept is sufficiently basic to understand when using the software.

Wherever entities can only be invalidated, you have the option to show valid on show all.



All non entity system settings and configurations are found in the System Configuration tool.