Znuny Development

Znuny Development#

Welcome to the Znuny developer documentation. We want to ensure that your development experience with Znuny is the best possible experience.

The goal of this documentation is to guide you through different types of developmental challenges, whether it be setting up a developer environment, acquiring code, or contributing by fixing issues and creating pull requests, or extending the software for your purpose.

This work is a derivative of the original work submitted by the OTRS AG. Znuny GmbH has forked the project and continues to evolve the software under the new name Znuny. As the ((OTRS)) community edition was retired by the OTRS AG in 2020, this is the last fork, and the most closely related. Many things here remain valid for Framework Versions of (6.0.x).

We hope you enjoy using Znuny and developing for it! Please submit any issue or pull request via the GitHub repository.