• Added links to the Customer User Information Center (CUIC) to create tickets and swith to the customer (if enabled).

  • Added pagination for articles in the ticket details view.

  • The keys of a dynamic field, type dropdown, can now be used in it’s link.

Issues Fixed#

  • Customer accept and agent information modules working again.

  • Fixed S/MIME decryption, in certain situations the wrong email address was used.

  • Fixed a bug that that blocked the submenu in the customer portal (#493 ).

  • Merged several pull requests (#486, #487, #489) by Ziggy Trotter, Sector Nord AG.

  • Fixed queue_id in ticket history for the initial ticket. Thanks to Tim Püttmanns, maxence PR#299.


  • No changes.

Read about all changes in the See the commits on GitHub for a list of all changes.