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Security Vulnerabilities Fixed#

  • None


  • Updated CKEditor to version 4.22.1.

  • Added optional caching to web service requests of dynamic field types WebserviceDropdown and WebserviceMultiselect.

  • AgentStatistics Overview - Added filter in/valid entries.

  • Updated maximum length of generic agent job database fields and their input fields in dialog AdminGenericAgent to prevent errors storing values too long for the database. [#474](znuny/Znuny#474)

Issues Fixed#

  • Fixed Bug - Alert dialog position too low to be interactable

  • Fixed some errors in the customer interface being shown with the agent interface’s header navigation.

  • Fixed mixed up content types for article body and signature in generic interface operations TicketCreate and TicketUpdate.


  • No change

Read about all changes in the See the commits on GitHub for a list of all changes..