Customer Interface#

The customer user interface is a separate interface meant to provive access to resources such as, but not limited to, tickets. From the very start, customer users can self-register with your system and begin creating requests. In addition to self-registration, your customers can also request automatic password resets from the login page, if they’ve forgotten their password. In this section we want to dive into the customer interface and it’s functions.

The main interface components are:


Includes a customizable logo and company headline.

User menu

Access to logout and user preferences.

Navigation menu

Access to all available modules.

Content area

Where the selected module will display its content.

Customer User Navigation#

The full navigation menu, as seen below, may vary form your system depending on configuration and add-ons. Each add-on installed can bring new menu items with it. The functions are described in more detail in the following sections.

Create Process Ticket Create Ticket My Tickets Company Tickets Ticket Search

Customer User Functions#

Using the provided interface can be a great enhancement for your customer service experience, as it gives your customers more control over their tickets and replaces the need for keeping old emails, by providing online access to their entire history of communication with your organization. Collecting required data during process start or ticket creation is just one of the benefits. The following features are offered out-of-the-box: