Adding Calendar Events#

Appointment Create Screen#

Appointment Mask

Ticket Creation#

New in version 6.3.

Create a ticket based upon the calendar entry with this option.

Appointment Mask

The options for creating a ticket are:

  • Never

  • Relative period

  • On the date

Creation Date:


Default. The appointment creates no ticket.

Relative period

This setting creates a ticket relative to the appointment start and end settings.

Appointment Mask

Choosing relative period shows this field.

The increments available are:

  • days

  • hours

  • minutes

The relativity to the appointment can be:

  • before begin

  • after begin

  • before end

  • after end

on the date

Create a ticket on this date.

Appointment Mask

Ticket Settings:


This setting determines the ticket’s destination queue. The list respects user permissions. For multiple selected queues, each queue gets a ticket.


Optionally set an owner if only one queue is selected. Setting no user sets the owner to the default user (ID=1.

Customer user

Optionally set the ticket’s customer.


Optionally set the ticket’s status.


Optionally set the ticket’s priority. Default is 3 normal.


Optionally unlock the created ticket if an owner was selected. Use this to unlock tickets assigned to an owner.


Optionally set the ticket’s type. Activate Ticket::Type in the system configuration.


Optionally set the ticket’s service. Activate Ticket::Service in the system configuration. The customer selected affects the values shown.


Start a process by selecting the name of an active process. If the process is deactivated or set to fade away at any time, this results in a non-process. See the logs for information about the error.


The appointment’s title becomes the ticket’s title.


The appointment’s description becomes the ticket’s first article body.


Optionally link created tickets to the appointment.