OTRS API Reference JavaScript


Documentation of OTRS JavaScript Namespaces

This is the documentation of all JavaScript namespaces used in OTRS. The information is automatically extracted from the JavaScript source files of the rel-6_0 branch.

If you find any error or an inconsistency, please feel free to fix the issue and send us a pull request!

Structure of JavaScript Namespaces

Every namespace has a matching JavaScript file. Some namespaces are used in every OTRS screen or dialog (e.g. Core.Form, Core.AJAX), some are only loaded and used for a specific screen (e.g. Core.Agent.Admin.ACL, Core.Agent.Admin.ProcessManagement).

For the agent interface Core.Agent is a good starting point, the main functions for the customer interface can be found in the Core.Customer namespace. For frontend-agnostic JavaScript have a look at the Core.UI.* namespaces.