Configure Your System#

It’s best if you learn the concept of URL hacking, and use the front-end action of the URL, to find settings affecting the frontend. As you grow, you will learn to navigate using the navigation tree, and later search more complex using search terms and filters.


Image Sys Config Search.

Entering a search term in the system configuration will first return results which contain the search term in the setting name. If you then hit enter, or choose the magnifying glass, the returned results will include setting where the search term was additionally found in the description (English text only) or the setting value.

System Configuration Actions Menu#

This menu provides you with some quick options.


Deploy any modified settings. This menu can also be used to deploy settings made by someone else.

Settings I’m currently editing

Open any and all settings currently marked as locked for editing by your user.


List all settings marked a favorites by your user.


Import settings from or export settings to a YAML file.

Tree Navigation#

Image Sys Config Navigation

Tree Structure#

The tree structure allows you to drill down to specific settings. The number next to the tree item, is not a recursive count of available options. You should open the tree to the last branch to be sure you’ve seen everything.

Editing Settings#

Image Quick Edit

You can choose a quick edit to change the setting.

Image Quick Edit

The full menu offers you extra options.

  • Disable/Enable When not required, it’s possible to enable or disable settings with this link.

  • Reset setting Reset the default setting.

  • Copy direct link Copy a direct link to this setting (great for documentation).

  • Add to favorites Settings which you may visit more often, or want to remember for a short period of time, can be bookmarked.