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All public repositories of Znuny can be found at GitHub, for example the Znuny framework itself.


We are glad about all contributions that you may want to make. For details please read CONTRIBUTING.md

While the administrator's manual has lots of information about how to setup, use and tune Znuny, there is also a developer's manual that goes into the details of Znuny development. It can tell you how to setup a development environment and how you can contribute to Znuny.

The contributing section also has information about the Znuny code style guide that you should read and follow. We also recommend that you checkout and use the CodePolicy module. You can run this manually on your code and/or register it as a git commit hook that will perform the checks every time that you commit. Please see the module documentation for details. Using this module before sending a pull request is mandatory.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the forum.


The current maintenance branch of Znuny LTS is rel-6_0 and for Znuny dev. Bugfixes should only applied to one of these branches.

Paying customers may also contribute features to the development version of Znuny. Please contact us if you are interested in doing so.